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Abstract Painting

Our Mission

Art Society's primary goal is to put an end to the "starving artist" phase, by creating a community for Artist to create, motivate, and monetize their brand.



Heroes Of Our History

Art Society dedicates the month of February to honoring the Heroes of our History, their integrity, their bravery and their sacrifices.

The Art displayed in the gallery had informative biographies on each hero for the community to read and learn as they viewed the art.

Art Society has partnered with En-visionary Studios and The Market by Macy's in in McDonough to bring a real-life silent museum to the youth in the community, highlighting four special Heroes at each event.
The team dressed up and silently displayed what each hero achieved. The youth were able to interact with each character and received prizes for answering trivia questions. 




December 12th, 2022, Art Society partnered with Morrow City, HUMS & Shades of Amber to give thousands of toys away to South Atlanta area kids. Complementary hot chocolate and face paintings made great entertainment for the kids as they enjoyed the Art Exhibit provided by Art Society. 


"I love how excited children get, when they learn they can be anything they want be."

-She Wood

CEO of Art Society takes time out her schedule at least once a month to give back to the communities. She Wood host pop up art tables monthly allowing kids to express themselves through art. Offering free painting is one of her favorite activities. 


She Wood and Art Society has partnered with Alexis Jones to bring awareness to mental and physical health amongst young girls who were victims of violence.  

Highlighting an award-winning program: A Girl That Wood which coordinates private events for young girls to take a break away from the worlds stress.  We provide therapeutic art activities while motivating the young ladies to dream.

Every event the girls are pampered by makeup and hair stylist and are given DIY tips for quick beauty hacks; meetings are always finished with creating a vision/dream board challenging the young ladies to look forward to the future.


Art Society sponsors many events partnering with organizations such as Voices of Black Mothers United, HUMS, Girls Got Power etc., to constantly shed light on ending violence in our communities.

"There are too many innocent children dying. We need to stop the violence."

-She Wood

One of Art Society's focus is improving our communities and moving past the believes that violence is an option.


There is no crime that justifies a child's death.  Most of the lives that are lost are innocent and even worse we never think about the ones we'll leave behind when our lives are taken from them.  Art Society and our partners are dedicated to bringing awareness to the unnecessary deaths in our community.


Art Society often opens its doors and resources to help offer a therapeutic outlet for survivors of violence. To help overcome the loss of a loved one or a tragic incident that has/is taken place in someone's life. It's vital that you understand you are not alone. 



Artez personally takes time out his busy schedule to help the inspired youth come up with professional and original content they can use as promotion to help monetize their craft. 

"We were created to create!"


"I believe that knowledge should be free.

Knowledge is a tool, it's up to the person to use it, but receiving an opportunity to possess it shouldn't be the hard part." 

-She Wood


Project Advance The Youth (PAY) was brought to Clayton County by She Wood and Artex Creates. Owners came up with a program focused primary on at risk teens and foster kids. This Program offers free Art classes, writing workshops and videography lessons. Since opening, Art Society has helped many kids launch their own brands, providing free logo designs and also options of consignment-based products allowing the teens to easily monetize their intellect.


Art Society uses its platform to shed light on ending violence inner city communities and advancing the youth in urban areas every chance they get. 

"Keeping them busy and giving them access to the tools they need to succeed is the fastest way to heal our communities.

Our youth will ultimately become our politicians and lawmakers, if we invest into them now, they will be stable enough for a promising future." 

-She Wood 


Art has a way of opening up your mind. Can you think of a time you've met a closed-minded Artist? No! they're nonexistent, that's because in order to create you need an opened mind and unlimited vision. A creator is the most important person in the world. 

"Art is personable, it's the artist perception of how beautiful, how ugly, how scary that particular experience was and when you can feel that same feeling while looking that a piece. Well, that is all the better. 

-She Wood 


Art Society has become a place for all Artist to thrive, it is so rejuvenating to have a safe space for creation without judgment. The artist here is a strong community always creating together.

Our clients are in awe in what Art Society has to offer to the Artist and the exchange that takes place in the gallery is magical every time. 

Rather you are an Artist or an Art lover,.

"Thou Art Society"


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We are truly grateful for all and any contributions that come our way. 

Thank You!

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We have collaborated with over 40 artist, locally and internationally.

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