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Kenny's Custom Creations

The Breakthrough 


Celebrating the 50th year of Hip Hop, this piece brings us back to where it all began. Hip Hop is more than just a Genre, it is a peek into our culture, the untold truth of a lifestyle so addictive the world is captivated by its influence. We did that! It started with a beat and ended with a connection so magnificent it could be felt worldwide. First let’s take a trip down memory lane. The place, The Boogie Down Brox, 1973. There was a transition happening in our communities, blacks were capturing their voices, as browns were taking ownership of their neighborhoods. Artists were ruling the streets, painting the untold experience on structures not meant for their use. Back then every action, every symbol, every beat, every word, everything told a story. A little glimpse into one’s mind, one’s lifestyle, but most importantly one’s reality. Hip Hop was a game changer ripping through the streets of New York, giving others the courage to live within their truth. This was the beginning of an ERA still going strong 50 years later. Worldwide, Hip Hop is a phenomenon but to us it’s simply home, it’s what helped us Breakthrough the concrete that was stacked against us and so many others. This piece reminds us to celebrate our achievements, and recognize the beauty associated with the struggle. This piece is the Breakthrough!

Beyond the Blonde 


What can we not say about Ms. Marolyn Monroe? She was a staple of beauty, she was freedom, she was wise and well connected beyond her years and taken from us way too soon. Timeless is one single word we can use to capture the essence of Ms. Monroe. Her experience had changed the entertainment industry for years and years to come. This piece captures just how timeless she could be depicted. Try to pry your eyes away from the breathtaking colors surrounding the realism of Marolyn Monroe wearing her infamous white dress that we all know too well. This piece is young Marolyn Monroe meets the fearless women following in her footsteps until this day. Highlighting the importance individuality and liberation amongst females Worldwide. Monroe was more than just an Icon she was a symbol of Female Independence to the world. You can tap into a bit of her power while experiencing this art piece. You can look Marolyn right in her ocean blue eyes to thank her for a women’s place in this world today.



July 15th, 1997, Miami FL was the place everyone assumed the Great Giovanni Versace reign over the fashion world would come to an end. Yes, his life tragically ended but his family kept his Legacy living strong. This masterpiece is a reminder of Giovanni and his family’s reign over the fashion and design world. At such a young age Giovanni was the first designer to connect fashion with the world of Hip Hop transitioning both industries forever. Although most thought he was in his prime at his time of death, no one could predict what his sister Donatella Versace had in mind for the family business. Giovonni left her a vision and a blueprint, to say Donatella got the hint would be an understatement, she alongside their older brother Santos Versace ensured that Giovanni’s dreams lived on beyond his very own life. Giovanni and his family know no boundaries when it comes to fashion. It is only right this masterpiece is titled, Timeless. A single word that describes The Versace Effect. This piece has the gold representing the classic Giovonni and the black magnifying the boldness of Donatella Versace. This piece is a direct reflection of the Versace Effect.

Flight of Greatness

Kenny Jordan.jpg

The year is 1998! The place is Chiago IL, the crowd is in an uproar. What a day to be a Chiago Bulls fan, the crowd is going crazy. Rather you were in the stadium, listening to the radio or watching the television, you felt the history being made, Jordan was about to go down in history as the best player to ever play the game of basketball. The Goat! This piece brings you back to Jordan as he’s about to win his 6th ring, only to say farewell to his basketball career a few years later. Leaving the sport of basketball in the past for good. Until this day no one has topped Jordan record of 6 rings. Lebron James seems to be on right path to succeeding Jordans record. Of course, he’s also sporting the infamous number of the greats; 23. This piece is Jordan entering his prime meets todays polished, established Jordan. This piece is the Legacy of 23



A true love story meant to be side and sid. Although one is great on it's own, togther they are magnificent. Captivating, undeniable. This peice represents unity and love. The reunion on the GREATS! Agape, a true love story!

Vice City

Kenny MIA.jpg

Welcome to Miami! Welcome to Pardise, become illuminated with the pop of colors. With this masterpeice no matter where you on earth you'll feel like your here. Welcome to Miami!

Pure Royalty 

KENNY ROYALTY_edited.png

Here a reminder to keep head up, you are Royalty and nothing can stand n the way of the future you desire. The gold representing Pure Raoyalty and the Blue providing peace and protection on your jurney. This masterpeice is here to remind you of your place in this world. You are Royalty! You are this masterpeice!

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