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Kenny is a rising artist out of Atlanta and KCC is a one-of-a-kind collection you must have. Each piece is carefully curated straight from Kennys’ genius mind. Of course you’ll love each piece at first sight, but once you know his story and what motivates him, there’s no doubt you’ll also fall in love with Kenny as an artist.


Like most others 2020 was a challenging year for Kenny, as covid deeply affected him claiming his mother’s life, following the diagnoses of his wife's breast cancer. As Kenny was adjusting to a world without a mom and caring for his sick wife, his father sadly passed on due to complications of a stroke less than a year later.

Kenny also like most of the world at this time was distraught and felt like giving up.  Before he passed Kennys' father encouraged him to create with him, pouring the pain and void of his mother into their artwork art. Together they've created a magnitude of pieces however the last piece Kenny would ever get to create with his father entitled "All is Well" was created as a tribute to Kennys lost mom, and a peace token to help them feel closer to her. Shortly after the completion of the masterpiece Kennys father also passed on.

Kenny continues to pour his pain, frustration, sickness, and reality into his art. Because for Kenny art isn't a hustle or occupation, it is a way of life and a therapeutic escape. Aristocrats just happens to love the KC collection enough to continue to support and purchase his masterpieces time and time again.


"I wish I could take even a little credit but truly I owe my talent to my parents, who always encourage me to express myself through many forms of art. And most of all I owe my success to my loving wife, Gina who has made the ultimate sacrifice while supporting me through this artistic journey."

-Kenneth Williams 

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