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DisCorp Society Terms & Conditions


Welcome to DisCorp Society

       - There will be NO REFUNDS once course is purchased.
       - Tickets/ Ticket Dates may be swapped. (Valid ONLY with Art Society written approval).
       - Any changes to availability must be submitted 5 days in advance in writing.
       - You are expected to stay throughout the planned time of the course.

       - 100% participation is REQUIRED throughout the course.
       - You must always remain professional while attending DisCorp Course.
       - Art Society will not be held reliable for the lost of any products or personal goods.
       - Any products brought in must be of your own creation / brand.
       - You will be responsible for any damage done to Art Society/ Mall property.
       - You are responsible for any payments received for your products.

       - You are responsible for all guest relations.
       - No banners/ large promotional material allowed

       - DisCorp is offering “Real-Life Hands-on Training” To take absolute advantage of the course, It is                  vital to have all necessary on boarding items while attending the course.



Dis Corp Society Session cannot start until all on boarding checklist is completed on setup day.

  • Copy of Gov ID

  • Promotional Material (business cards & Flyers)

  • Approved products

  • Thank you bags

  • Bank for change

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