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Abstract Painting

Art Society was created for the Artist, by the Artist. Here we believe ART is everything and everything is ART.


We allow Entrepreneurs to roam free, Providing them with bulk custom items such as Canvas, T-shirts and many more at wholesale prices.


Join The Society and learn how you can display your Artwork/ Designs in our gallery to create residual Income.


We are conveniently located at Southlake Mall in Morrow, Ga.


Art Society offers Entrepreneurs a space to grow, allowing them to take control of their Creations and Intellect.


After all  "Thou Art Society!"

Our Mission

Art Society's primary goal is to put an end to the "starving artist" phase, by creating a community for Artist to create, motivate, and monetize their brand.


Want  to  Donate?

If you feel led to contribute towards our vision, click the button below.
We are truly grateful for all and any contributions that come our way. 

Thank You!

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We have collaborated with over 40 artist, locally and internationally.

Check out their pieces bellow!

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